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1. Castaway!
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1. Castaway!

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Nummer 1
Originaltitel Aquaman (2003
Auflage 1
Seitenanzahl 36
Erschienen Februar 2003
Cover-Preis 2.50 USD
Ersteller Madrox
Sprache Englisch
Cover-/Heftformat Heft
gesammelt von 1 Benutzer

Battered and left to perish on an exposed reef, Aquaman discovers, to his horror, that all the denizens of the deep are instructed to attack him without mercy. But though his beloved ocean is off-limits, a mysterious freshwater lake may give him more than just sanctuary.

Aquaman takes a trip through his memories as the Atlanteans arrest him and take him to die on Traitor Reef. Aquaman, however, doesn't intend to die on a dry reef now any more than he did as a baby. He frees himself with difficulty, but is immediately attacked by the watching Atlantean soldiers. He gets away, but only onto dry land. He tries to slip into a hidden cove, but the Atlanteans have somehow turned all the sea life against him, and he is forced to retreat.

Bleeding heavily from the attacks, dehydrated from the time on the reef, he heads inland and sees an ancient forest. Once in the forest, he sees a lake, but the water is too far away. He thinks of using his harpoon to drag himself to the water, but the electronics have been destroyed by the Atlanteans. He uses the last of his strength to throw the useless harpoon into the lake.

Aquaman has fallen on the edge of a mystic lake, and the inhabitants of the lake, six maidens, drag him into the water after he throws his harpoon "to" them. The lady of the lake, a mystic being, takes Aquaman from the maidens and promises to restore his hand.

The JLA, in the meantime, is searching for Aquaman. The Martian Manhunter finds him on a very dry bluff off the coast of Western Ireland. After Aquaman describes the forest to him, J'onn indicates that there is no forest, and that Aquaman had to have dreamed it, but Aquaman produces his new hand, made of some sort of mystical water.

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